RCP International

Sobre RCP International

RCP International is specialised in finishing of raw cork stoppers.

We produce and distribute high quality natural, collimated and technical cork for the wine, and champagne sectors as well as with customised development of bar tops for the spirits sector and fortified wines.

Including whisky, brandy, rum, porto.

Each wine is unique! and thus our focus is to give a personalised and dedicated service for each of your requirements. Our laboratory offers a full service research, studies and advice to help choose the most appropriate solution.

We work on long term relationships, of commitment and trust, with both suppliers and clients, to gurantee the best quality product. We have over 10 different quality checks per product.

This is why we invest in innovation, new technologies, R&D to meet the highest demand in terms of performance as quality.

RCP is the first choice of leading wine and spirit producers.

Contact us for advise and guidance on the best suited cork for your product.

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