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  • Zona Industrial Lote 42
  • Olhão
  • soldamundo2@gmail.com
  • visitar website
Sobre Soldamundo

Soldamundo, we are a Peruvian company that has specialized in the field of welding and metal cutting, offering to the market the highest technology; welding machinery, plasma and CNC cutting systems, welding automation and a complete portfolio of accessories and consumables for all welding and cutting processes.

We have built a solid relationship with our clients over nearly 20 years from our origins until further independence as Soldamundo Imports Peru SAC and Soldamundo SAC , currently being actually as a group of two companies whose main focus of their progress is always kepp a personalized attention to our clients, demonstrating a permanent concern for continuous improvement and efficient after-sales service; in this way we create value and confidence in all of them.

Thanks to the commitment, motivation and work of all our employees, we constitute the fundamental platform to achieve our objectives and achieve our goals, we have a policy of vocational and continuous training with the brands we represent, allowing us to offer nowadays highest standards in quality and safety in all operations procedures and services to our customers.

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