The Coastline Camps
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Surf Camp
Surf Camp
Surf & Yoga Camp
Surf & Yoga Camp
Surf Camp Express
Surf Camp Express
Yoga Camp
Yoga Camp
Sobre The Coastline Camps

Welcome to The Coastline Camps! Embrace the serene melody of the ocean, immerse yourself in Portugal's natural beauty, and unwind at this coastal retreat. Discover the tranquil beaches, relax, and revitalize at The Coastline Camps, where you will connect with fellow adventurers seeking coastal escapes. Start your day with breakfast and energizing surf sessions guided by your instructors. After lunch, take time to explore the coast or simply relax. Join The Coastline Camps for a barbecue dinner, socialize, and unwind at the surf camp. This package offers a comprehensive two-day surf experience, including accommodation, meals, lessons, theory sessions, equipment, social gatherings, and hassle-free transport to maximize your time on the waves.

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